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We help our customers buy used cars in Louisville KY, and we encourage you to check us out if or when you find yourself in the market for a high quality car, truck, or SUV. The corner stone to our success is our total focus on customer satisfaction and that in turn brings us lots of referrals and repeat business from the residents of Louisville and the surrounding areas. If you need buy here pay here we have you covered.

Maybe you old car is just worn out, been wrecked, or you just feel like you would like to make a change. We stock all makes and models and we always have fresh inventory for our customers to choose from. Car buying can be stressful to say the least so we have a streamlined buying process that makes the process as simple as possible.

We pride ourselves on having some of the highest quality used cars in all of Louisville for our clients to choose from. A good car buying experience starts with buying from a good dealership, but that's worthless if you get a bad car. In effect we're very particular about the cars we have on our dealer lot.

When it comes to pricing our cars we're very competitive and try to have everything listed at current market values. If our cars aren't affordable then we can't stay in business. It's just that simple.


Why you should buy a used car from us?

  • With multiple locations our Inventory selection of vehicles is huge.
  • Our team members are neat, polite, and professional.
  • Our number 1 focus is customer satisfaction.
  • We have a streamlined buying process. Call today, and be driving tonight!
  • We have on the lot financing for one stop shoppers.
  • We can get most everybody financed with one or our many programs.
  • First time buyers can get a car here without a co-signer
  • We will always respect you and answer all of your questions.


Top 5 car buying tips for our used car customers


1) Allow adequate time for a proper test drive:

Just driving a car up the street and back isn't going to allow you to learn much about it. A proper test drive should involve taking the vehicle up onto the highway. Typically a vehicle will spend over 50% of it's life at highway speeds, so make sure it performs well on the open road. Also make sure all of the power features on the vehicle work correctly. Check the Radio, CD Player, Wipers, Lights, Power Seats, Door locks and any other items on the car.

2) Be informed about full coverage insurance rates:

When you finance a car at a dealership or through a bank you will need to maintain full coverage auto insurance louisville ky on it until the note is payed off. If you're at a dealership that doesn't require this that alone should indicate that the vehicle is of little to no value. In that case you would need to find a more reputable dealer lot to purchase from.

3) Ask your sales representative questions:

Buying a car may introduce you to some terms or figures that you don't understand or aren't totally clear about. We encourage you to ask any questions you have. We want you to be an informed buyer and our team is there to help you at every step of the way. All you need to do is ask. An informed customer is a happy customer!

4) Have your mechanic look at the car before you buy:

We make every effort to make sure that our vehicles are in top condition. Still though, we encourage our customers to take any vehicle they're considering purchasing to an independent technician that they know and trust. We take a lot of pride in the vehicles we sell, and we want you to be totally confident when you purchase from us that you're getting a dependable vehicle that you can trust.

5) Buy a car, truck, or SUV that you like:

We can't stress this enough. Especially if you will be making monthly payments on your car. It's always going to be painful to make the payment no matter what. But if you like the car you buy, it's just makes it hurt a little less. Also you will be driving it everyday, and when you walk up to get into it, we want you to be proud that you're it's owner!

*If you keep the above tips in mind when buying a used vehicle we're sure that your experience will be a pleasant one, no matter which used cars Louisville KY dealer you to choose to make your purchase from.




Yes we Have the Buy Here Pay Here Option Available


If you find yourself in a situation where you credit is challenged we have the buy here pay here option available. Today's economy has dinged up a lot of Louisville residents credit scores. But that won't keep any of us from needing a good car or truck to get to work and back in. All of our vehicles have a buy here pay here option on them and you can read more about them here on our BUY HERE PAY HERE page.

So there it is! We do hope that the next time you're in the market, or know somebody in the market for great used cars in Louisville KY that you call us or send them our way. If today is the day Call or Text us at 502-744-5555 and we'll get you started. If you don't get started you'll never get there!


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