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Bad credit car loans in Louisville KY is a specialty of the Louisville Car Guys team. Life today is riddled with factory lay offs, corporate downsizing, companies moving overseas and eliminating American jobs. It leaves us to wonder.. When, or will it ever end?

Although unfortunate for us as American consumers, we can’t let it keep us from moving forward with our lives. America is a mobile society and we Louisvillians are no exception to that rule.

Just because we have bad credit doesn’t mean we don’t still need a good, dependable car or truck to get us to work and back. Without reliable transportation we can’t make that important doctors appointment or pick up the kids from practice. We get it!

That’s why the Louisville Car Guys offer bad credit buying programs. They have on the lot financing, buy here pay here, and lots of secondary banks willing to provide the funding for customers in less than great economic shape. Call today and make an appointment to speak to a Louisville Car Guy about options for your next vehicle purchase. 502-744-5555


And Yes! You Can Still Get A Bad Credit Car Loan On A Nice Car.


Buy Here Pay Here Used Cars

We know that you need reliable transportation, so we try to maintain a very dependable selection of used cars, trucks, SUV’s, and mini vans on our website.

So if you’re in Louisville KY and need  a bad credit car loan call today and we’ll get you into a high quality rides!