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There are a lot of places on Preston Hwy here in Louisville KY where a person with less than good credit can still buy a decent car.

But the fact is that for the best selection of quality cars for a person with bad credit is on Dixie Hwy where we’re located. Dixie Hwy is on the west side of the city and easily accessed from the Watterson expressway and Gene Snyder freeway. We’re located just north of pages lane where the old “Trading Post Mobile Homes” was for a number of years.

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Easy Auto Credit Repair

Every time you make an on time payment and it’s reported to the credit agencies, it helps your credit score. After a year of making steady payments on your car, as long as your other bills are paid on time, your credit should be positively influenced. Below are listed some of the bad credit situations that we’re experienced in overcoming for our customers.

  • Bad Credit Scores
  • Foreclosures
  • Overwhelming Medical Bills
  • Bankruptcies
  • Delinquent School Loans
  • Automobile Repossessions
  • Job Loss

You Can Still Get a Good Car Even With Bad Credit

Most people with bad credit think that they can’t get a good car or truck because of their situation. That’s just not true.

Although challenging, getting a nice vehicle while having bad credit is totally possible. All you need is a good down payment. With a bit of discipline and a strategy in place, it’s not hard to save up enough to make a sizable down payment. And the more you put down the less you need to finance. If you’re not sure exactly what your situation is feel free to call us. One of the Louisville Car Guys wil ask a few questions and then help you with a strategy for getting the car or truck you want or need, which could put you on the road to solid credit repair. 502-744-5555