Getting A Used Car Inventory Noticed

It’s not hard getting a used car inventory noticed

If a dealer finds themselves in a situation “for one reason or another” where they’re not able to keep a lot of cars on the lot, then there are a few things that can still be done to attract the ever valuable customer onto their lot.

One thing we can do is to move the inventory around. Just because a potential customer drives by and doesn’t see anything that strikes them as what they want doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Maybe the customer is looking for an economical car that has a low profile and isn’t readily see able from the road. After all, drive by traffic is more than likely only glancing over at the cars. This makes it crucial to take what might be thought of as a more appealing (eye catching) car like a convertible mustang off the front row and replacing it with a smaller harder to see low profile economical model for a few days.

And SUV’s? They’re better kept back where they’re still see able, but we don’t want them blocking drive by traffic from seeing the smaller cars or trucks on the lot. Keep in mind that our focus is in getting a used car inventory noticed.

A small car lot can always add some helium filled balloons of bright varied colors. On windy days they naturally bounce around with the currents and can be very noticeable to anybody that happens to be driving by. Also there are the ever noticeable air dancers.. Better known as the wavy arm balloon men. The non stop action is very eye catching and will get your business noticed from a good distance on any day.

Then there are the vehicles themselves. Brightly colored announcements on the windshields displaying special terms or cash prices is always a great way to generate a passerby’s interest. Instead of thinking.. Wow! What a nice car. I could never afford that. Seeing a $500 down sticker might just get them to stop and come in to inquire as the actual affordability of their dream car.

But it doesn’t stop there. Take the SUV’s and the Mini Vans and throw the doors open so that people can readily see the 3rd row seating. It makes a huge difference to folks to really be able to see all of the features inside the vehicle. After all they don’t spend their time on the outside of it. Try getting a used car inventory noticed, and soon you will start realizing a few extra sales.


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