Great Uses For Older Mini Vans

Last night we sold a 2000 Ford Windstar mini van.

It was great fun seeing a Grandfather and his Grandson come onto our used car and truck lot looking to co-purchase a used mini van for… Get this! TO GO FISHING IN!


It was obvious that The Grandson Tristan, and his Grand Dad Thomas enjoyed each others company. And for us it was just great seeing them together buying a vehicle so that they could spend even more time together. These days the gulf between generations is just so far apart, and with it getting wider every day, it’s just become rare to see a duo that doesn’t even know anything about said gulf.

Hearing their plans was kind of exciting and went something like this. First things first they wanted a van that they could yank both sets of back seats out of. The windstar fit the bill perfectly. Of course we talked fishing during the sales purchase.

It seems that Thomas and Tristan typically find themselves fishing for drums on the Ohio river. According to Thomas the best baits are his special dough balls he makes, and no he’s not giving up the secret to how he makes them.. I asked. Drums can get pretty big on the Ohio and it takes some good sized rods to get them in. Not only are they a heavy fish that can get good sized, but they have the river current they use to their advantage when being fought into the bank or boat.


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