Internet Marketing For Used Cars

The other day we got to spend about an hour on the phone interviewing Joe Mallon of and we came away with new tactics and a clearer vision of what it takes to market online. What we learned from Joe’s latest efforts is that YouTube is big! His WolfDNA Youtube channel is loaded with readily usable information for any internet marketing agency looking to expand their horizons and truly realize the lead machine that the internet can be.

Joe’s theory on marketing cars is that the internet is an ocean, and if you only fish in one spot you’re limiting yourself to only a small percentage of the catch. He recommends YouTube videos because they’re cutting edge and people do watch them. Also he recommends still investing time and effort in Craigslist as it’s always been a great source of leads for car dealers.

Having said that Joe started telling me about attraction marketing which is kind of cool and the entire reason he does the whole youtube video thing. It’s his thoughts that you shouldn’t be chasing after customers. That’s right don’t chase them. Make them chase you! Put what they want out there on a YouTube video that will be seen for years to come and let them find it.. Make it compelling enough so that they want to buy from you and you alone. In order to accomplish this you’ll need to know how to rank a YouTube video on the first page of the returns because face it, the internet is going to go video and is already doing so inĀ  a big way.

Some of my own input on how to market cars online? Forget Facebook. Just forget it. It’s a monster time suck with very limited returns. Here’s my thoughts on the matter. People are on the internet doing one thing and one thing only. THEY ARE TRYING TO SOLVE A PROBLEM!!

Sometimes the problem is that they’re simply bored and need to be entertained. They need some sort of intellectual stimulation to satisfy that itch, and maybe it’s interacting with friends and family.. And guess what? They’re not interested in seeing your cars popping up in their news feed any more than they’re interested in seeing mine. They’re just not! And if it does show up they will in likelihood go un friend you or try to find a way to get the ANNOYANCE to go away.

Leave people alone on Facebook because that’s not where the used car fish are.

They’re on YouTube and Craigslist and your local google organic returns. And you should be steering your marketing boat to those waters in you want to catch more fish.

So go check out Joe Mallon’s stuff and start setting yourself free from the conventional!



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