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Yes! We can help you get on the lot financing for a car purchase. Call us for details.

“On the lot financing” We read and hear it all the time when we’re car shopping. So what does it really mean?

In a nut shell it means financing will be taken care of by the dealership where you’re making your purchase. The main benefit to consumers is they don’t have to make a separate appointment with a lender to get the purchase finalized.

Another benefit is, a good car dealership can get you financed quicker and a lot of times with a better interest rate than you can otherwise get on your own.

Types of on the Lot Financing


  • Primary Lender Financing
  • Secondary (Sub Prime) Lender Financing
  • Buy Here Pay Here


Primary Lender Financing

For a customer to qualify for Primary Financing, they need to have a credit score of over 640 with a good solid payment history that doesn’t have any history of late payments. Typically the interest rates will be very low for primary buyers.


Secondary (Sub Prime) Lender Financing

Sub Prime loans are for customers who have payment issues in their credit history. For instance, maybe it’s unpaid student loans, medical bills, or unpaid credit card debt. Bankruptcy’s aren’t an issue as long as they’ve been discharged. It’s even possible to get owners with automobile repossessions in their history financed on used vehicle purchases.


Buy Here Pay Here

Buy here pay here auto financing is exactly what it sounds like. You buy it and make your payments directly to the dealership. The interest rates are higher and the payments are bi weekly instead of monthly like a primary or secondary loan payments are. The dealership where the car is purchased holds a lien on the vehicle until it’s payed for in full.


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