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The best place to buy a good used car or truck in Jeffersonville IN is across the river in Louisville KY! Yeah! That’s right.

If you go over the bridge to Louisville to purchase the vehicle you’ll find that the lots have a larger selection of cars and trucks to choose from. If you call us we’ll set you an appointment to test drive the vehicle of your choice. We have KIA’s, Chevy’s, Fords, Chryslers, and most all of the other makes and models on our site and ready for test driving.

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Buy Here Pay Here Jeffersonville

There are several financing options available for car buyers with less than great credit. Having bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t still buy a good used automobile or truck.

Due to a lot of buy here pay here lots not reporting to the major credit tracking agencies a lot of well intentioned people focused on repairing their credit end up losing out. They just go to a buy here pay here lot without checking first, and end up making a purchase that does their credit no benefit at all in the long run. The sad situation is that only about half of the buy here pay here stores even do credit reporting. It’s up to the purchaser to ask the dealer where they’re purchasing if they report the payments to the credit reporting agencies.

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Buying a Car Can Potentially Help With Credit Repair

There are several reasons a person may have a low credit score and lenders know this. Delinquent medical bills, temporary job loss, student loans that are behind? Banks know that bad things happen to good people all the time, and they take all of that into consideration when determining if they will give a secondary loan or not. There are people with credit scores as low as 440 that still qualify for a bank financed car loans all the time. Call today and discuss your situation with a Louisville Car Guy. After all, you still need a good car or truck to get you around.


Call us for Pre-Approval. It’s Fast And It’s Free!

Some people are just uncomfortable going to a used car lot. We understand this! If you feel as though you would be more comfortable calling in and talking to a real live person the Louisville Car Guys are always available day or night to discuss your automotive needs, be they financing or even mechanical in nature. Pre-Approval is easy! And you will know where you’re at financially and will have a general idea of how much buying power you have. It makes a nice starting point for your car shopping experience and only takes about 5 minutes. We don’t need your date of birth, social security number, or anything like that to do pre approval over the phone.