What Happens on Saturdays at a Car Lot?

We Barbecue of Course!

That’s right! We throw down on some burgers and dogs with the company grill. After all it’s the weekend and we aim to enjoy it.

Saturday is the biggest day of the week on a car lot. And if the Sales manager knows his job he sends the guys for briquets,¬† lighter fluid, lean burger, and some high quality hot dogs with the accompanying buns. And! If he’s a real pro, he tells them not to come back without the fixings. Plenty of ketchup, mustard, relish and the rest of the goods that make up a really good barbecue.

Fortunately for us our Sales Manager is no less than a quintessential pro. With over 20 years in the business he’s a master of Saturdays. So following his lead we pull up and open some SUV’s, then turn on some good music to get every body in the right frame of mind. No Saturday barbecue is complete without the general managers presence¬† to directly supervise the festivities.

So last Saturday was a great day for us and our customers. We served up about 20 burgers, another 20 perfectly cooked hotdogs and sold 3 cars. Number one sold was a Nissan Sentra. A young couple came with a Kia Sorento getting 20 MPG. The husband had a new job and would be driving some considerable mileage to and from work. Our Sales Manager suggested the Nissan Sentra we had that was getting 35 MPG highway. They test drove it and loved it! We took the Kia Sorento in on trade and the deal was done. What could be better?

Next up was a buff 2003 Convertible Mustang with a V6 in it.

A father and son bought this one together. They’ll really enjoy it too. The V6 will get great mileage and they’ll have a lot of fun this summer riding around with the top down.

To cap the day off we sold a clean low mileage KIA Optima to a young couple before closing up for the day and going home.

Come Out Some Saturday and Join Us!

If you would like to join us some Saturday and take a look at some of our cars, feel free to give us a call at 502-744-5555. We’ll be more than glad to set you an appointment and schedule a test drive on anything in our inventory.

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